Best places to visit at Kyrenia

Kyrenia is a fascinating town on the Northern coast of Cyprus, founded by the Myceans ca.1600 BC. Kyrenia is famous for its magnificent harbour and nearby castle. The Kyrenia castle is thought to have been constructed to protect the town against the Arab raids in the 7th century. The Shipwreck Museum, located within the castle, houses the oldest recovered shipwreck in history. There is also The Bellapais Monastery and St. Hilarion Castle, built to defend the island against the Arab raids. Kyrenia houses many interesting museums which you can visit including The Folk Arts Museum and The Icon Museum. Other places of historical interest in the Kyrenia area are: The Anthipanitis Church, The Buffavento Castle and the Hz. Omer Tomb. Kyrenia's charming and tiny harbour, full of yachts and fishing boats, is framed by the colossal hulk of its Crusader castle. With the backdrop of the jagged mountains behind and the calm sparkling sea in front, the harbour has an intoxicatingly serene atmosphere. Kyrenia is an easy place to while away any time of the day, exploring shops, markets and local caf├ęs in late morning, strolling in the narrow cobbled alleys behind the harbour in the afternoon, or stepping out for a brisk walk along the promenade and sea wall in the evening. Northern Cyprus offers many wonderful places to see on you holiday. We offer you list of TOP places to visit in Northern Cyprus you should not miss.

Kyrenia Castle

Situated next to the Kyrenia Harbour, the Kyrenia Castle is a complicated mixture of building styles worth visiting in Northern Cyprus. Behind the venetian castle walls you will find church of St George, royal apartments, Byzantine chapel or French dungeons. The ship in the Shipwreck museum is estimated to have sunk around 300BC and is, to date, the oldest ship ever to be recovered from the seabed.

Bellapais Monastery

The Bellapais Abbey is truly one of the most tranquil places in Northern Cyprus. It was founded at the beginning of the thirteen century. Most of the Bellapais Abbey that is visible today dates from the time of Hugh III. It is beautiful and elegant building depicting Gothic styles throughout the stage of its development. A small courtyard is defended by a machiocated gatehouse.

St. Hilarion Castle

St Hilarion Castle is another best place to visit in Northern Cyprus. The castle stands just about Kyrenia in 670 m. It was named by a hermit who once inhabited the summit. The castle was built on three levels. The upper level consists of winding and very narrow steps up to Prince John's Tower and royal apartments. It offers splendid view over Kyrenia and surrounding villages.

Alagadi Turtle Beach

Turtle beach is a long stretch beach of sand. The beach is signposted asit is here where the green and loggerhead turtles come and lay their edges in the summer. The beach is mostly visited by local Cypriots. Visit Northern Cyprus Turtle Beach if you want to experience local atmosphere.

Buffavento Castle

Buffavento Castle lies about 16 km eastwards from Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus. Situated in 954 m it is the highest castle offering the most spectacular view. 6.8 km drive along a rough track is followed by a 45 minute walk up the mountain path. Largely ruined, it is an impressive architecture you should not miss when visiting Northern Cyprus.

Kyrenia Harbour

The picaresque old harbour is one of the best places to visit in North Cyprus. The harbour is lined by flats, cafes, bars and restaurants offering lots of good places to eat where you can taste the local food. The beautiful harbour is dominated by the majestic Kyrenia Castle which houses a museumcontaining the remains of the one of the oldest ancient ships salvaged from the sea.